Download ApeJetBackup 1.0
ApeJetBackup Source 1.0

ApeJetBackup is an easy to use backup utility. Simply select the folders that you want to backup, choose where you want the backup stored, and schedule when you want backups to run. It's easy to install, doesn't require any databases or knowledge of networking. Licensed under the CPL

NOTE 1: ApeJetBackup runs periodically (every night for example), so you're not always guaranteed to have the latest copy of your files. If that's the kind of redundancy that you're looking for, use RAID.

NOTE 2: ApeJetBackup currently doesn't create offsite backups. If you lose your computer in a house fire or tapioca accident, this software probably won't help.

NOTE 3: As a matter of fact, no NO WARRANTY is provided. If that's not legal in your country, then you're not licensed to use this sofware.

  • No Database Required
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use